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Wedding Day Magic

Weddings are one of my favorite workdays. I love transforming a bride into her best self. I think it's most important to get the right amount of natural, with the right amount of va va voom. Brides put their trust in me to make them feel not only themselves, but their most beautiful self.

Here is my secret for Wedding Day Magic:

Eyes first! I know you may put your foundation on first everyday, but on your big day, start with the eyes. I use primer on the lids then shadow, moving onto liner then lashes. When the eyes are sparkling, I can focus on foundation, powder and/or concealers without having any, what I call, "fall out." "Fall out" is when eye makeup falls onto your clean beautiful foundation and you get discoloration. No one wants dark circles caused by eye makeup on their wedding day.

Focus on your eyes first, and your partner at the end of the aisle will too. The eyes are the window to the soul, afterall!

I'm excited to share my makeup adventures and tips with you, stay tuned!

Love and lashes,


Thank you to, Wendy for letting me share this gorgeous photo and letting me create her, "Lola Look!"


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